Everything You Want to Know About T-Shirts Screen Printing

Do you know how t-shirts get their unique prints? It is by screen printing technique. Screen printing is a convenient and unique way of printing t-shirts. Here in this blog, you’ll learn about screen printing. You will learn the benefits of this method and where to buy the best screen-printed t-shirt.

 Screen printing allows you to create fun and colorful custom t-shirts. Most businesses prefer custom t-shirts for the employees in their company. This will establish the brand identity as the t-shirt includes a logo. But why should you choose screen printing? Let’s know more about it.

Features of Screen-Printed T-Shirt

When you opt for screen printing one thing, you’ll be assured that the prints last longer. The design on the fabric doesn’t wear off. The color and patterns easily survive multiple washes.

Screen printing is highly preferred for bulk printing orders. The main reason for its extensive use is that the technique is very cost-effective.

Steps to Design Custom Screen Printed T-shirts

The process of screen printing includes a mesh screen. This screen is used to apply layers of ink on the fabric. The ink is pressed through the mesh screen and creates the print. Screen printing works best on a dark color tee.

At Inkbrodo, you can place your order online in a few simple steps, as preparing a custom t-shirt is relatively hassle-free.

Best Use of Screen-Printed T-Shirt

 Screen-printed t-shirts are used in several ways. You can use it to create your brand identity. You can have custom screen printed t-shirts will become your style statement. Some of the best uses of t-shirts are listed below:

  • Field Day T-shirts
  • School Spirit Wear
  • Charity Race/events
  • Fashion T-shirts
  • Lawn Care T-shirts
  • Campaign T-shirts

Where to Buy the Best Screen-Printing T-Shirt?

If you’re from Lawrenceville and looking for T-shirt screen printing, you must opt for Inkbrodo. Here you can place orders online from the comfort of your place. You must provide your requirements, and our team will make the best shirts.

The screen-printing process is very budget-friendly, and you will get custom shirts according to your designs and color combinations. Inkbrodo is your one-stop solution if you want screen printing in Lawrenceville, GA.