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We're Inkbrodo, But You May BE Asking - "Why Get Custom Event Shirts?"

As far as branding goes, custom t-shirts make fantastic walking billboards for your business. Even when you are inside that business, you can tailor a message to an interested audience. They can also add a distinctive touch to special occasions in your personal life. Add some fun and flair to your next event by having matching t-shirts!

Consider the Possibilities and Stand Out!

  • Grand Openings: You definitely need to make a splash above and beyond your name.
  • Celebrations and Parties: Birthdays, Graduations, Reunions, Bachelorette Parties
  • Gifts: Customer Loyalty Gifts, Rewards
  • Special Events: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies, Service Projects, Political Events
  • Travel: School Trips, Family Vacations
  • Uniforms: Event Staff, Employees, Sports Teams
Grand Opening

Meet the Team

Jennifer and David

We’re not just t-shirt printers, we’re artists who want to give your garments the artistic wow factor that mass-produced shirts typically don’t have. We make shirts that demand attention. Whether it’s the simple elegance of the design or the jaw-dropping artistic detail, our designs will surely make an impact.

Just let us know the effect you’d like to create, and our in-house artists will give life to your idea.

Customer Relations Specialist


Senior Artist and Lead Designer


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Quality Design