Custom T-Shirts

Matching t-shirts add a fun, creative touch to celebrations, special events or travel. Keep track of children on a field trip, show your appreciation to customers or volunteers, or give your reunion unforgettable style.


Custom Decals

Make your brand stick! Eye-catching decals are a simple but effective way to promote your business or event. Add them to company vehicles or trailers for on the road advertising.


Promo Attire

Want a coordinated look for your students, employees or event staff? Custom designs printed on polos, hoodies and more will make them stand out in crowd. From baseball teams to hospital staff, we’ve got you covered.

Company Experts On

We Design & Print Custom
Promo Apparel and Decals

We can work with your designs or work with you on the concept and design
to make your event or promotion stick out.

Custom shirts

Printing Experts at Inkbrodo

Our mission at Inkbrodo is to provide customers with a simple process that yields exceptional results. So, whether you bring us a print-ready design, or you just have a general concept that keeps you up at night, we can help.

Clients Feedback

  • "We are all ready for our grand opening, but knew something was missing. TRT helped us tailor our message to the event with custom t-shirts for our servers and cashier that allowed us to to brand the event without affecting our overall brand. T-shorts are a cheap way to change it all!"
    L. Blake
  • "The right design and just when I needed it.  David was able to get my rush event off without a hitch!"
    C. Lucas